Wishful Thinking

This worldwide health issue has all of our lives disrupted … not because of what is happening now, here but because we have, as a nation, decided to do something to avoid what is a known terrorizing risk.

There is a lot to be learned from all this.  We will begin to think differently about many social constructs that perhaps are silly because they expose us to colds and the flu.  After all, many churches “concentrate” our senior citizen populations and they are the most at risk for the worst medical outcomes.  Many of us stopped shaking hands and hugging in church during the flu season.  Things to think about for sure.

We will also be a bit less cavalier about the fragile segment of our population …  those who are working poor who normally never get much notice here because they just quietly go to work providing many of the goods and services we take for granted … until now.

And, of course, we have those who predate on situations like this.  These are the despicable segments of our society and the world who take advantage of this to profit.

Finally, this also brings out the creativity in society that is refreshing and uplifting … unless it is purely wishful thinking.  An example of this was sent to me yesterday.  And, no, just because it works on avocados does not mean it will work on toilet paper!

Be safe and be wise … we will get through this working together as a nation.




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