Are we Missing the Obvious?

OK, we are all now having our lives disrupted and perhaps threatened by something that has been repeatedly known to be a time bomb in the health industry: these exotic foods markets in Southwest China. This is far from a new issue and has repeatedly been reported in the medical journals.

So, here is the “blinding flash of the obvious” question we should all be asking here in the US and around the world … and even in China: Why does the Chinese government permit these markets to exist? They locked down the country as a result and are now prancing around the world offering free masks and doctors as an olive branch.

What is going on here? Do they permit these idiotic things to exist so they can validate their authority and control when outbreaks occur? Or, as Sigourney Weaver asked when she returned from years in hyper-sleep in the movie Aliens: “Did IQs drop sharply while I was away?”

Sorry, but the right answer here is obvious isn’t it?!?

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