We Need More Mikeys

MikeyAs I reflect on the transitional and rightful questions facing energy industry professionals today, it amazes me to see so many stuck in the rut of old paradigms.

I am not implying that leaders should chase dreams willy nilly, but the spirit of exploration and curiosity seems conspicuously missing.

It is almost as if standing still and doing nothing was deemed the best and safest strategy … which of course it isn’t … but it always appears least risky in the short run.

I was talking to someone about how hard it is to get children to try a new food, and I guess I see way too many parallels.

You really don’t know whether you like it until you try it.  It may not look good, and in some cases, it may not even smell appealing.

But, you will never know unless you try.

Silk is using this angle in their latest Almond Milk TV commercials where their sprout-character challenges a man who has never tasted almond milk but who says he does not like it.

Kind of reminds me of the TV commercial … let’s see if Mikey likes it …

Take a look if you don’t remember or have never seen it: Click Here

We need more Mikeys.


Getting Coach Potatoes to Move With Pokémon Go


Go figure.  Who knew? A phone app that can get them to walk? I wouldn’t have imagined this.  Check it out. Read the Forbes article Ten Things I Wish I Knew When I Started ‘Pokémon Go’

I took our son Stephen out for lunch today and he showed me local interest points that I had no idea existed and sure enough, he found a Pokémon in our restaurant.   What shocked me more was that he has started walking around our neighborhood to collect these digital critters. And he tells me that there are some remarkable success stories of overweight kids getting out and shedding weight in their search for critters.

We have a lot to learn about customer engagement … not looking back at the old media or methods, but by critically thinking about what we are beginning to learn today with modern media.

There is something here folks … there are a lot of things people will spend their time doing for free if you can tap into their reward systems.  Very interesting.

And, Just in case you think I have gone off the deep end, the market has already monetized this idea. Read the Wall Street Journal article below.

Pokémon-Chasing Investors Send Nintendo Shares Soaring
Craze added $9 billion in market value to gaming company