Where is Spring?

Wow many of us got a rude awakening this last week, didn’t we?  Burrrr!

Some of course, use this to chide others about global warming … oh … excuse me … we now talk about this as climate change.

I was scanning another scathing article about climate change today, and after looking through the reference documents found something that I did feel was balanced and truly helpful to the discussion.  I am sharing it here for your consideration: Clive Best Blog

The earth is a very complex environment with huge transfers of energy through winds that seem frustratingly unpredictable.  Here in the US, one of the big actors is the Jet Stream… which of course, acts in response to a whole series of underlying factors.  Yet, despite all this uncertainty and complexity we have the audacity to state that the average temperature on planet earth is rising.

Sure, we can have the hottest this or that on record in any one place … which then seems to be followed by the coldest this or that.  Gee … could this increased variation be a result of new patterns in the Jet Stream?

Personally, I have often wondered what the real net impact is of paving the planet and putting so many warehouses in the areas in which we do track temperatures – airports.  Once upon a time, those areas were largely trees and grassland.  Now, just look at Google Earth you will see they are entirely paved over and have huge buildings.  Could this cause the temperature there to rise?  Hmmm….


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