Parts are Not Parts

Courtesy WSJ Video

Some of you will remember the criticism a few years ago about chicken parts

being used to produce chicken nuggets.  Well, we have now reached a new technical high in this regard.

Watch the Wall Street Journal video here.

Technology moves on … but listen carefully … there is a bit of a problem.  The cost is $9,000 a pound right now against a market proxy of about $3 a pound.  Sure, some of you will tell me the first ball point pen cost $1 million, but the second cost just a few pennies.

Then, we have the other issues that have still to be determined.  What are the health side effects?  Remember the fat-free potato chip cooked in oil that simply went through your digestive tract and was not absorbed?  Do you remember all the rage about olestra…and all the unpleasant side effects?

Think about the side effects mentioned in all the ads you see every day on TV.

Nope, I think our conventional chickens are going to remain the mainstay of our diets

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