The Gun Control Distraction

I have to admit, I have always been fascinated by magicians.  I know it is sleight of hand, but even knowing that seems to keep me from seeing what I should be seeing.  Yes, I get that some tricks have technical underpinnings like technology-laced apparatus parts and pieces.  Obviously, the old sawing the lady in half trick had some of that.

But, the one that seems so simple is the use of distraction, most often with one hand, while the other hand is doing something essential and important to the trick, but you just don’t notice it.

By analogy, our national argument over gun control, ostensibly driven by mass shootings, may be a similar distraction.

At the same time, we are arguing over that, drone technology coupled with artificial intelligence (AI) is making huge strides … so much that the idea of using a person to pull the trigger of a conventional gun may seem archaic in a matter of another year or two.

Google the idea yourself and you will see that there is a raging debate about what to do with drone warfare.  You will also see that technology is already able to deliver the chilling outcomes of this video.

By analogy, you will see that the world leaders are trying to ban the use of these weapons.  Right. It seems we have had decades of bans on chemical weapons and yet bad guys have been and are still using them.   Check out what Wikipedia has to say.

Distractions they are.  Maybe we should be thinking more about countermeasures given bad guys don’t give up.

There is something to be learned here for our industry in cyber attacks.  Maybe the IoT is intrinsically too vulnerable without countermeasures.  For example, maybe we should be figuring out who is attacking and then launching counterattacks to wipe out their systems?

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