Perverse Incentives

Did you see the recent EPA news about new vehicle fuel efficiency standards?  Did it strike you as odd that we all would pay auto companies to make more efficient fueled vehicles?  If we want to make it attractive for customers to buy EVs we should eradicate any incentives for fueled vehicles and only offer incentives to EVs.  After all, we are defeating the consumer economics of owning an electric vehicle.

Read the Utility Dive issue and the attitudes so far here.

While we are on this point, how about removing the penalty I pay for an EV of $200 a year because, after all I am not paying the gasoline taxes that pave our roads.  That has already cost me $1,400 so far on my EV.

Elon Musk has been outspoken about this issue as part of the BBB program.  Of course, he can afford to take the high road because he has already produced so many cars.  But then again, why should we incentivize people to do this?  Why not ban the wrong types of vehicles like we did banning incandescent lamps a few years ago?  Just force people to buy the right devices.

Haven’t we learned our lesson from this COVID thing?  Didn’t we offer huge incentives to people to not work?  These are so large and perverse we have trained the US workforce to grab the easy path in life.

Part of our plan also must reflect the real-world realities of how fast we can produce these vehicles.  Placing a higher-than-normal demand on the manufacturing supply chain is pushing up all prices from the precious metals in the batteries and electronics through virtually every piece and part of the car.

Plus, this unreasonable push is also going to raise carbon dioxide levels in the near term anyway since the EV carries about 8 years equivalent of the normal car in its embodiment.

I can hardly wait for the politicians to try to explain that all this money actually increased carbon dioxide levels.  Don’t they realize this will backfire?

Oh, I forgot they don’t really care … that is why they load this kind of legislation with pork.

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