Monetize This!

The most common question I hear from our utility clients is “How do I monetize this?”  It is almost as if everyone now has this question memorized no matter what is being offered as the obviously right thing to do.  How do I monetize coffee breaks, vacation, career development, etc., especially with today’s millennial who do not think they will be with any company very long.

Therefore, I was struck by the comments from the president of Southwest Airlines about all the things his competitors were doing that did make tons of money.  I don’t have the answer to the obvious question in all this, but it is certainly worth some consideration, especially from this time going forward.

Read what USA Today reports. 

What also struck me was his unabashed confidence in these decisions despite the open vehement criticisms from Wall Street and others.

Once again, I don’t have the answers, but perhaps watching Southwest from this point on may.

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