Just because you can … should you?

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You have to admit, the choices we consumers have in the United States can make us the envy of the world.  I am aghast at the choices in the supermarket and of course online for whatever I am looking for.

And, when what otherwise might seem like a commodity can be presented as a choice, prices reflect that.  We now have organic this or that … and at times I am just a bit puzzled why I should care about whether “that” was organic or not.

Obviously low fat and no calorie must cost more … they had to remove all those ingredients to make it that way … so it should cost more … or should it?  Read what they do put in the food to achieve those goals and be afraid … be very afraid.

Well, in the Wall Street Journal a restaurant that has yet to serve its first meal was declared the best in the world.  So, of course I had to watch the video proclaiming why this was true.  Here is the link if you have the time to watch the full five minutes: WSJ Video

If you are like most people, here is what I consider the key takeaway:  Just because you can safely serve these foods, does that make it the right thing to do?  Personally, I don’t think so.  When you want to be the best in the world you don’t serve things people are intrinsically afraid to eat in a culture.  Try serving octopus in the US and see what you find.  You serve what people normally might eat but in a way that makes them appreciate why they are in the restaurant having you serve them what they could prepare at home.

I can’t wait to see what happens to the menu in this restaurant after being open for a few months.  I suspect a drastic change … and the chef who had this dream will probably move on in disgust that people have no appreciation for fine dining.

It reminds me of a Christmas dinner I had when my wife Susan was invited to an officer’s party at her firm.  Since I was the spouse I sat next to another spouse.  In this case, she was a playwrite.  So, after asking her what plays she had done and was working on, I just commented that I was amazed at the prolific success of Andrew Lloyd Webber and she scoffed at that saying: “He was just pandering to the masses!”  I then asked how her plays were going and she remarked that attendance was just awful … people just don’t appreciate fine theater.

I rest my case.

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