Rethinking Beyond the Box Itself

Almost all of us know the puzzle where you have to connect the nine dots with four straight lines … and the only way to do that is to go beyond the edge of the box itself.  The facilitator will often summarize this as “thinking out side the box” and it has become synonymous with creative thinking.

Well, Toyota has just recently taken that to a new level.  Autonomous vehicles have largely been extrapolations of what we already have the cars just driving themselves.  Jeff Bezos at Amazon startled everyone with his drone delivery ideas last year… everyone thought he was nuts because we all assumed the drones would start at the distribution center… not launched from the delivery van using a hub and spoke concept.

Watch this video and think about how disruptive this idea really is.

Then, please go back to some of my earlier blogs and ask yourself: “Why are we so afraid of the future?  Shouldn’t we be thinking beyond the box we think we are in?”


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