It’s hard to make things like this up!

I scan the online energy news coverage sources every morning, and this one caught my eye.  Read it for yourself to see I am not making this up. Read Energy Central’s news. 

Electric vehicles are a flawed technology

That rely on a unreliable power grid to operate……….the biggest flaw of eletricity is that it costs to much money to store it……electricity is very expensive…….electricity is only 100% efficient in heating and lighting loads……motor loads have a lower power factor which means those loads are less efficient……this means energy that could be used to heat or light homes …

Please note I did not change a word nor edit anything.  The headline certainly grabs your attention.  You then read the post and of course, try to check out the author.  Go ahead and try to do that yourself and let me know if you succeed.

Evidently, this was a random rant posted by someone who can’t spell, does not know the difference between “to” and “too” and goes on to rant that electricity is only 100% efficient in this or that.  You have no idea what the end conclusion really is.  Yet, it made it into one of the largest energy information publications with an inflammatory headline.

Please read what is posted carefully before accepting the premise in the headline.

This is pretty scary to me.  Where is the journalistic excellence in our news media?

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