The Most Interesting Man (Continued)

dos-equisThat probably brings to mind the person who just retired this week as the pitch man for Dos Equis.  The ads almost always feature beautiful women draped on his shoulder, implying of course that if you drink that beer women will find you attractive.  Silly for sure, but iconic.

In tribute to him, I found the top 100 things he claimed … just for fun.  Knowing you don’t have time to read all 100, I have broken the list into bite size pieces for your enjoyment over the next few weeks. Here is the final installment.  Enjoy!

61. He is fluent in all languages, including three that he only speaks
62. Once while sailing around the world, he discovered a short cut
63. Panhandlers give him money
64. When he goes to Spain, he chases the bulls
65. His shadow has been on the ‘best dressed’ list twice
66. When he holds a lady’s purse, he looks manly
67. Two countries went to war to dispute HIS nationality
68. When in Rome, they do as HE does
69. His pillow is cool on BOTH sides
70. The Nobel Academy was awarded a prize from HIM
71. While swimming off the coast of Australia, he once scratched the underbelly of the Great White with his right hand
72. He taught Chuck Norris martial arts
73. Time waits on no one, but him
74. Once he ran a marathon because it was “on the way”
75. His mother has a tattoo that says “Son”
76. The star on his Christmas tree is tracked by NASA
77. Presidents take his birthday off
78. His shirts never wrinkle
79. He has never walked into a spider web
80. He is left-handed. And right-handed
81. The police often question him, just because they find him interesting
82. His organ donation card also lists his beard
83. He doesn’t believe in using oven mitts, nor potholders
84. His cereal never gets soggy. It sits there, staying crispy, just for him
85. Respected archaeologists fight over his discarded apple cores
86. Even his tree houses have fully finished basements
87. His garden maze is responsible for more missing persons than the Bermuda triangle
88. If he were to say something costs an arm and a leg, it would
89. He’s never lost a game of chance
90. He is the life of parties that he has never attended
91. He was on a recent archaeological dig and came across prehistoric foot prints that lead out of Africa into all parts of the world. On close inspection, it turned out that the prints were his
92. He once caught the Loch Ness Monster… with a cane pole, but threw it back
93. His wallet is woven out of chupacabra leather
94. He played a game of Russian Roulette with a fully loaded magnum, and won
95. Freemasons strive to learn HIS secret handshake
96. If he was to pat you on the back, you would list it on your resume
97. He is considered a national treasure in countries he’s never visited
98. Cars look both ways for him, before driving down a street
99. He once tried to acquire a cold just to see what it felt like, but it didn’t take
100. He has inside jokes with people he’s never met.


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