Thanksgiving Again

It is time to say thanks again to all our loyal friends, clients, colleagues, and business partners.  Life is so much more meaningful with these relationships.  And, we want at this time to step back, reflect, and say thanks.

Thanks to each one of you for giving us the opportunities this year as we have journeyed together through the energy industries’ twists and turns.  I am constantly reminded that sitting still on this journey is the riskiest position to take.  You are very likely to get run over and pushed aside.

So much has changed over the past thirty-three years of working with you on energy issues.  It seems hard to believe that we have quelled electricity growth.  That seemed an inconceivable idea three decades ago … but it has been accomplished through increases in efficiency and control.

Some things are still elusive, but I do believe we are homing in on them.  Engaging the average American in an energy dialogue now seems within reach.  Our new generations of Americans are keenly interested in energy sustainability and are so tech savvy that ideas we deemed unrealistic a decade ago are becoming common.

So, as you eat your Thanksgiving turkey, remember the branding message of Boar’s Head, but think of it in reverse.  They boast about real turkey … not making turkey through technology.  The idea was to not cut corners where others are more technology than turkey.

As we face the future, think technology first.

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