Snitching and Big Data

While we in this country watch the coronavirus spread, the country of China has mobilized an all-out war on it … and it is working. But, it invades privacy and would be outright unconstitutional in the United States … so, of course, we won’t go there. However, it is extremely instructive to see how they are cracking down on it with predictably good results … but at what price?

This would have been considered Orwellian here.  In fact, the humorous Alexa conversation where she admonishes the customer for ordering things that are not good for their health seems unthinkable.

As you watch the Wall Street Journal summary, I would suggest we are not that far from similar thinking in this country. Watch the WSJ Video.

Listen carefully to the logic of the Chinese government and the reactions of people clearly in fear of dying.

To me, this seems eerily reminiscent of how countries move from democracies to socialist.  Are we headed in the same direction?

I hope not.

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