Our Universe is Flat!

Well, just when you thought you had all this figured out, some really smart people prove your paradigms are wrong.

Take a look at this article in the Wall Street Journal and bear with all the math and tech talk.  You will see that the universe is flat.

Now, one could rightly ask “who cares?” or “what difference this makes?” and you would be in good company.

But I ask you, why don’t you care?  When we have the opportunity to learn, challenge our pre-conceived notions, and consider a world bigger than ourselves, perhaps it can make a difference.

Does it matter in what I will do and think about today?  I think so.  Everything you take in matters.  Eat unhealthy food all the time and see the consequences.  Feed your mind stifled old school primitive ideas, and your mind is unable to think through the challenges we now face.

Listen, challenge, dialogue, and seek higher ground.  Notice I did not say common ground … higher ground.

Add what you can, and thank those who do so around you for what they bring to the game.


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