Nasty News Narratives

I guess it is natural for any local newspaper to want to criticize the local electric utility… if nothing else to draw in readers. But, I am truly disgusted by the tone and misrepresentation of the facts they present… if indeed they even are facts.

Here is the headline just a few days ago claiming Orlando Utilities was disconnecting customers again: Read the article in the Orlando Sentinel

Today’s soundbite culture reads this and naturally concludes this heartless utility is more interested in its well-being than its customers. However, I would suggest you read this article completely to see that the utility is devoted to helping customers at this time seek assistance. There is nothing heartless or uncaring about it at all.

Wouldn’t it have been more accurate to have these headlines:

OUC pleads with customers to seek the financial assistance they deserve.

OUC will not disconnect any customer who seeks assistance from …

Nah… that wouldn’t get the reader attention they seek.

If you did read the article, this should also make you think more carefully about any lead story on the news.


One thought on “Nasty News Narratives”

  1. Newspapers are just putting themselves out of business. The Anniston Star had become so liberal my friends and I no longer subscribed.
    Now that paper is only published 3 days a week.

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