Modern Snitches or Malcontents?

Modern society seems awash in a news cycle that gives airtime to almost anyone who states they are a whistleblower.  Many “come out of the woodwork” when someone claims damages for unwelcome sexual advances, perceived racial inequity, corporate actions or inactions, etc.

They get the microphone with very little due diligence.  If it is salacious it sells.  So, much like everything else they see on TV it becomes a soap opera.  Conspiracy theories trump the search for facts.  And, with websites such as and others, they get to dump their buckets further justifying their rants.

We have been slandered so many times and in almost every case you can trace it to malcontents.  They were either unhappy being held to a standard of excellence or when terminated felt they could get even with us.

When I grew up this was considered illegal.  Not only is it dishonest, it was punishable by seeking damages.  Hard to prove in many cases, and in today’s whacked out woke world even harder if you have a jury trial.

But today, as Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are prone to say you “fake it till you make it!”

Unfortunately, the origin of the term whistleblower was to describe a person who had the courage to stand up to power.  We all remember that Chinese citizen standing in front of a tank in Tiananmen.  Or, more recently, that Russian news reporter alerting Russians that Putin had lied to them.

I don’t see her as a snitch.  I see her as a modern-day hero.  Ralph Nader is given credit for making the term whistleblower a noble activity.  He led the revolt against corporate irresponsibility in product quality and safety.

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