Just when you thought things couldn’t get any stranger…

NASA has decided they need a Planetary Protection Officer.  Yep, we are truly seeing Men in Black recruiting here.  Maybe things out of hand in Area 51?  No, I am not making this up. Read this from USA Today.

I have long wondered how some cultures on earth developed so quickly compared to others.  When we visited Italy a few years ago, we heard about the unclear pasts of the people of Tuscany and how amazing their technology was for its day. As many of you know, there are all kinds of strange things in our past that fuel this line of thought.

But, it struck me as odd, with today’s emphasis on cost containment, that NASA would announce they are hiring a person with these credentials to do something rather nebulous at this time.

I can only imagine the kinds of people who are going to show up for this interview!


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