Humility and Curiosity

Just when you think some things are fully known, someone moves the cheese.  In this case, it is Mother Earth who seems to be on a tear to relocate the magnetic North Pole from Canada to Siberia.  Compared to tectonic plate movements of a few inches a year, this is NASCAR… and speeding up.

You can google magnetic north pole movement and have yourself a very good time reading essentially the same story published by just about everyone who wants to grab our attention… except of course the evening news since they can’t blame this on Trump or climate change… at least not yet.

Thank goodness we have satellite navigation.  This would be extremely dangerous for those ancient mariners who relied upon compass headings.

My point this week is on a deeper level.  There is something fundamentally wrong in our current thinking that we must have answers to questions.  We do this in our churches, synagogues, and mosques, and we do this in our politics.  We imply we know answers to questions that are, at least in large part, unknowable.

Please think about the subtlety here.  As soon as we even think we know something, we stop being curious about what could also be true or a deeper or higher level of truth.  We pounce on incomplete discovery and declare it to be more than it is… just that… a discovery… a shred of the truth or deeper meaning.  It is almost NEVER the WHOLE truth.

When we do this we fail the test I would like to suggest we carry for everything this year: humility and curiosity.   We should hunger for learning and be mindful of our powers in this world.  Any time mother nature wants to wipe us out, she can do that in a heartbeat.

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