Boxers vs Briefs

Click Here to Learn More About Spartan UnderwearAnyone who has been concerned about male fertility has heard the advice about this.  It has become so important to the issue and widespread as a concern that it can even enter conversations that have virtually nothing to do with fertility.

Well, who knew there was even more to the story?  Evidently there is … or at least the Spartan brand of high tech underwear wants you to believe it and be afraid about not only infertility but cancer and even Alzheimer’s disease.

Watch the USA Today video here.

We Americans love to be frightened.  You already knew about cellular radiation and must remember all the fears about brain cancers.  Now many stick a blue tooth device in their ear so they can talk …

I don’t have to tell you how many times I thought the person was talking to me but were talking to someone on the phone I could not see.

But, notice the fear about Wi-Fi radiation as well.  Let’s see if they can tie that to cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.   I can certainly imagine that the news media will pick this up and advertise the evening news with the question … Does Wi-Fi cause cancer?  News at 7!

Who knew?  Oh, and please do check out their tag line buried in their web page just under the fold: Visit the Spartan website.

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