Banning Singing in Religious Gatherings

We really need to all take a deep breath and step away from the abyss.  Breath out … breath in … breath out … breath in.

Now, let’s stop the polarization over ideas and consider some obvious facts.  The question here, brought into focus by recent news in Germany, is the question of HOW we let people get back to things they value, with going to their places of worship is certainly one of them.  We can ask people to wear masks, gloves, and even hazmat suits if that is the right thing to consider, but posing an emotion-laden statement that we are going to ban singing in church fails to move the discussion along productively.

Notice this article from The Guardian that says: banning singing in churches, Read it here.

If you read it, which you should, you will see the key consideration in this reporting is the question of how we let choirs sing … NOT the congregants!

And, these are good questions.  Why should we take a group of generally elderly people and put them right next to each other and breathing forcibly over the heads of people right in front of us with no face masks repeatedly for an hour or so?  Doesn’t that seem to be an obvious risk?  Sure it does.

What are the creative answers here?  I hope you are not thinking face masks or hazmat suits …

How about we just let the choirmaster sing to lead us?  How about we just ask a few soloists to sing along or perform as a duet, trio, or quartet … spaced appropriately.

It is time we think critically about how we transition back to normal.

It is also time that journalists stop trying to scare the bejesus out of us.

Just sayin …




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