Am I going too fast for you?

Many of you who know me have heard me ask that question when I am talking about something that should be pretty obvious. It usually gets a laugh because what I had said just before that was so obvious.

For example, if I was talking about electric rates and stated that sudden increases in rates will kill customer satisfaction. Following that with this question almost always gets a chuckle.

Well, I have to admit I may be going a bit too fast if I assume you know the earth (and the other planets and stars in the sky) are round.You would think that today’s average person in the US has seen the news about other countries and knows you can fly in either direction to get there… some longer and shorter of course.

You would think that most people have been on big lakes or the coast and watched ships seem to disappear until only their masts or upper structures show on the horizon.

Take a look at this article from Forbes.

I guess I have been going too fast. Certainly for some…

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