A Political Blind Spot

I pointed out that water might be the next critical infrastructure concern in a recent blog, especially in the West. Water is a largely hidden resource… not many people pay attention to groundwater availability until they run out of it. So, I get the disconnect.

But, today’s USA just makes me wonder whether we are conveniently blind to what we say we care about:  Speed Limits.

I remember the energy embargoes which brought our nation to its knees, resulted in gasoline rationing, and made us all slow down on the highways with a 55 mph speed limit instead of the 65 many of us had gotten used to.

Now that we have become a net exporter of oil I guess some want to raise our consumption.

Read the news article in USA Today.

SO, are we not blind to the hypocrisy in a state the has prided itself on energy efficiency?

How can anyone seriously propose such a thing when politicians are offering green platforms for change??

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