Stakeholder Groups

I have long criticized this name for advocacy organizations because it shows their intent: hopefully gore the ox of their “adversaries” in life.  Compromise is not their intent, nor is a balanced discussion of any issue.

As proof of my point of view, take a gander at this article about “Big Oil” fighting electric vehicles.

This is an excellent article in that it points out how things start out with noble intents and are endorsed by all until someone’s ox gets gored.  We need to put down the stakes we are holding and discuss what is in the best interest of our nation and how we are going to pay for things.

Just because you make buggy whips doesn’t mean you should be against the internal combustion engine.  At the time, it was the best alternative.  Now, we are moving toward the electric motor … which by the way, was the first car power system.

Put down the stake … take a deep breath … and let’s talk this through.

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