The New Deal

Well, it was a bit refreshing to see the media beat up on some of the recent political nonsense about global warming.  I have covered the issues around bovine flatulence before… methane is a very powerful greenhouse gas.  Not sure whether these zealots will go after beans like the late former President Bush went after broccoli.  It is pretty funny to see the political cartoonists all weigh in.  Here is just one for your viewing pleasure:

But, seriously, we do have the public’s attention and it is high time to have a dialogue about what we can and should do to live responsibly and sensibly on this blue marble.  We must answer the long term questions that go beyond energy sources to keep the grid reliable and affordable.  But, we also must consider our water footprint alongside the energy issues.

No other fundamental resource has had an impact as big as water.  The lack of affordable water can alter civilization … we have seen that in the past.  We have critical needs now in the west.  Yet, the key questions about how we use water are not yet being considered as often as we talk about climate change.  Water availability will humble us very soon in the west … in our lifetimes, yet we continue to grow crops and worse than that we raise animals on grown grain.

Once again, take a careful look at if you share my concerns.  This has been vetted as correct by the very people being criticized.  There are no “flat earth” perspectives countering its accuracy.  But, we are meddling with people’s choice in foods.  Somehow that is not politically correct.


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