A New Year’s Resolution

As we see another calendar year end and assess our situations we are less likely to make promises to lose weight or exercise than in the past.  It seems the years of making those resolutions and failing to follow through has dulled our lofty goals and lowered the bar we intend to set for ourselves.

Susan and I have noticed that simple things seem to make all the difference in people’s lives.  Maybe it has been the result of attending so many funerals and hearing so many stories about those we love alongside discoveries of those we never knew who we simply passed by in our lives.

Sure, they didn’t stop us and ask for our help.  But, we probably noticed a distant look in their eye or some level of sadness in their countenance.

I have been struck by a few of this season’s commercials that point to something we can all agree with and can do repeatedly.  The Chic-fil-A 2 minute TV story” about a child who wanted her family to make a snowman but who were all too busy ends with her giving them the “gift” of an extra hour to do exactly that.

Few of us have extra time in our day that we just waste away.  Many of us are juggling way too many things to add another to a list.  I remember a time in my life with Susan where we would describe our lives as just trying to keep the plates spinning on the sticks in the air fearing that if we slowed down one or more of the plates would come crashing down.

Perhaps the best resolution is to realize that we really don’t have to keep all those plates spinning.  Some will continue to spin if we stop trying.  Others will come down and have no ill consequences.  But, the individuals in our lives who offer us the chance to build a snowman may be the best times we spend.

Carve out time for those you know and love, and be open to spending time with those you meet along life’s journey.

Time connecting with people and showing them your love is never wasted.



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