I Approve This Message

politicalAre you as tired as I am of the constant barrage of political attack ads? How are we ever going to get things done in the future if all we do is tear each other up along the way? Revenge is almost certain a result of this process. Consensus is far from likely. Dialogue gives way to dogma … never good.

Plus, think about the amount of money being spent here and how much better it could be spent doing some good in the world. Finally, why would anyone who is intelligent, with good values, and a desire to mend fences want to run for political office? It is certainly not a profession any longer and, given the approval ratings, we all know to be true, it seems that those in office are more interested in staying there than changing anything.

Term limits seems wise. Debates are fine. But, the blatant attack ads strike me as a contradiction in a society that prizes political correctness in every other dimension of life. Where are the PC police when it comes to politics? Seems they have turned a blind eye … doesn’t it?
I am Joel Gilbert and I am not, nor will I ever, run for any political office. And, I approved this message.

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