The Latest in Bait and Switch

If you have spent your time in marketing and sales, you are aware of this trick.  You get the customer’s attention with a low price or outlandish claim and the refine their understanding after they express an interest.  As immoral as it is, the idea is to engage a prospect you can then close.

The Internet is awash with advertising that most of us ignore, so the latest trick is to offer something we might find interesting.  You will see “then and now” photos of stars and “strange facts” that are intriguing.  But, more times than not, when you do the one they claimed you would see is not in the list.

The one I clicked on specifically because I thought it was absurd that a snake could take down an elephant.  Sure enough, after putting up with 40 horrible snakes … none that could, or even would, attempt to do this.

How many of you remember the “truth in advertising” regulations of year’s past?  It seems we need some.  Oh, I just checked, and this is a clear violation … but who is going to take the time to file a complaint?


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