Ghost Kitchens

Boo!  Not really trying to scare you, but given it’s Halloween, it seemed timely to share this latest trend: you may be familiar with ghost employees, but now we have ghost kitchens.

The idea is emerging from people’s desire for prepared food to be delivered to their homes or offices.  Grubhub and Dash are just of the few delivery services, and I am sure you are aware that Uber and Lift have both joined in this service.

Here is an excellent article on it from a recent USA Today.

You will notice that commercial kitchens are becoming multi-brand production facilities.  From an efficiency perspective, this makes a lot of sense.  But, what it says to me is that we are seeing a fracture in traditional accounting and business management models.  Think about how complex the multi-company billing model has to get to accommodate this style of business.  Perhaps Blockchain will finally get a foothold here.  It does seem a natural place for the distributed ledger approach.

We need to study what is happening here.  It is a brave new world of business models.  It will also naturally result in a multi-company model for quality control and customer satisfaction.  Lots of ways to ding customer loyalty on this one.

I guess this is pretty scary now that I think about it.

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