Training Doctors for Climate Change?

There are times when I wonder where critical thinking has gone.  One of my recent blogs about beach umbrellas proves we can pass laws straining gnats while swallowing camels (a phrase Jesus used).

Now, it seems even the medical community has gone over the cliff.  Please do not think about whether climate change is real or not.  That is not the point.  Scan this article on the front page of the New York Times and think critically about whether medical schools really need to have a curriculum on a gradual change in temperature.

I would argue that the only schools of medicine that possibly need this at this time are those of psychology and psychiatry.

The others have way too much to cover already especially with the reemergence of diseases we thought we cured decades ago now that we have such a large group of immigrants.

To me, this all speaks volumes about where we all are as critical thinkers.


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