No, I did not mistype the short expression for Cosmopolitan magazine.  This is one of the latest robotic gadgets. Read more about it here. 

What intrigues me about this is not just that it is the latest in the stunning set of artificial intelligence gadgets hitting the markets such as the Amazon Echo.  What seems especially interesting about this is it’s about a robot with an attitude … something terribly human.

Take a look at some of its moves.

Perhaps that is a clue to cracking today’s consumer engagement challenges:  Attitude.  Not sure I hear that much as a persona.  Not sure, that even fits today’s preoccupation with the customer journey.  Likeability as a result of attitude.

That is truly something to think about.

Oh, by the way, it appears that there is an open API to write sequences.  And, for those of you who are still thinking all the intelligence has to be in the device, read this:

The robot can employ facial recognition to remember faces and recite names. It also uses sophisticated path planning — aided by its three sensor-imbued toy cubes — to maneuver environments and avoid falling off tables. Most of these computations are not happening on the robot’s internal hardware, which keeps it light and relatively durable. Instead, Cozmo connects to an iOS or Android app, which communicates with Anki’s servers where more of heavier lifting is taken care of.

We at Apogee are experimenting with this to see if we can unlock some of this potential in the otherwise boring day-to-day engagement of customers.  Stay tuned.  It should be fun to watch.


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