Zealot Fundamentalism

We live in the presence of a rare breed of an individual and will soon see whether this firebrand for innovation flames out or continues to produce fundamental change in our world.  I used to think of Steve Jobs this way, but Elon Musk sets the bar much higher targeting space travel, transportation, and now social media.

When I took my master’s in management the key ideas were to focus or fail.  Trying to do too many things was considered the foundational mistake most people make: focus, focus, FOCUS!

Elon is the antithesis of this and stands in stark contrast to the management styles I was taught.  He seems ruthless and undisciplined.  He may be brilliant, but his actions seem so stupid at times.

TESLA may be a casualty of all this.  The stock price seems to reflect that.  But, I have watched him for so many years rise from the ashes of a situation that it could just be another magician’s trick … distract everyone with your movements here while the real action is there.

This next year is very likely to prove him right or wrong.  My heart of hearts wants him to be right once again and release a new generation of recyclable and sustainable batteries for EVs.  I have a TESLA Model S which I love but will put my order in for one of these new ones just as soon as I can.  And, I will not sell my S … I love it too much and will just keep it around as a spare.  In fact, I decided to replace the rims so it will once again look brand new.

My management training makes me want to criticize Elon for not finding a suitable mate.  When I see his rants and wanderings I am reminded how lucky I am to have a stabilizing wise mate in my life who keeps me out of ditches … at least most of the time. 😊

What I and others find refreshing about Elon is his zeal for change.  He does not settle for small incremental change … he literally shoots for the moon.  He also keeps a smile on his face and avoids the rancorously negative tone of people like Greta Thunberg.  She is just tiring.

Most of the world wants to follow leaders like Elon.  We look for handsome charismatic and seemingly successful change heroes who taunt and drive innovation into realities we never imagined.  Every time I drive my Model S I am amazed and how well it works.  Well done!

However, with all that said, there are times when you have to slow down and regroup IMHO.  Yes, I may sound like a luddite to some, but the innovation race is not a sprint, it is a marathon.

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