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Creator's Code

This is the last in my series of blogs about the wonderful book, The Creator’s Code. It is about how we can all collaborate … even as competitors … to bring about the new world of energy engagement.

First, let me point out that the chapter on networking is in stark contrast to today’s seeming preoccupation with consensus decision making. The chapter is all about the productive creative tension that diverse groups and the social discomfort these create have on productive change.

“Homogeneous groups found it more comfortable to work with those from the same background. They became entrenched in their point of view and overconfident in their assumptions. Diverse groups, by contrast, experienced an upset of the status quo and felt insecure, but were motivated to reconcile opposing opinions.”

Many of today’s thought leaders condemn consensus decision making. Why then is that the mantra for so much of what we hear in thoughts about the relationships of energy companies and customers?

Perhaps we need to encourage dissenting, dissimilar, and uncomfortable thoughts?

Could there be even bigger truths we might discover? Or, are we just so perfectly satisfied with the things we think are true that we don’t want to work that hard to discover they are incomplete?


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