More Reasons to Fear Squirrels

Squirrel_2My recent blog about the tenacity and creativity of a squirrel in our backyard has evidently prompted others to post things about these critters. I have to thank Louise Mormon for posting this on her Facebook page. As she points out, many utility key account representatives kept dead squirrels in the trunk to use when managing customer outage complaints.

Read the Washington Post article regarding squirrels

This reminds me of a true story I was told by a key account rep with a New York State utility who attempted to stop these critters by building a fence around the transformer and then plating it with stainless steel so that the squirrels could not climb the sides. That part of the plan worked well, but as the key account rep was proclaiming success with his client, they all watched a family of squirrels come in via the high side electrical wires.
I can almost imagine the squirrel to squirrel conversation, which probably went a bit like this:

“Boy am I glad those utility dudes built this fine fence to keep snakes and other varmints out of here!”

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