Big Ideas Sometimes do Come in Small Packages

tiny_homesI have been watching a “movement” in home design that is starkly in contrast to the historical bigger is better home design.  As everyone knows, American homes have grown a lot over the past decades.

But … perhaps there is a counterculture movement brewing.  And, it isn’t surprising to see where it has taken root.

Watch the New Tiny House Village Under Construction

Of course, it is a bit too early.  This could be another pet rock, beanbag, bar in the rec room trend.  Then again, it could be a revolt against tradition something like the flower child movement of the late 1960s.  Then again, it could just be showmanship by architects that you don’t have to live in big space to live a good life.  They are certainly clever designs.  And, they do raise important questions about how we define the space we feel we need.

I am glad people are pushing the envelope rather than just sitting on their hands hoping some government program is going to give them an incentive to do what they believe they should be doing.

Will they catch on?  Is this another real estate business opportunity?  Does this mean the McMansion is dead or dying?  We will see.  Hard to predict, but fun to watch.



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