Beam me up Scotty there is no intelligent sign of life!

Oh, how I miss Star Trek.  Even though it portrayed a future period of space travel, it presented many critical questions about race and culture that we face today.  I remember the one episode titled “Let that be your last battlefield” that had two people from Cheron and Ariannus, both with half white and half black faces, but on opposite sides.  “When the ship arrives at Cheron, Spock can find no sign of intelligent life. Lokai and Bele realize they are each the only ones left of their peoples, who have completely annihilated themselves in the civil war. Enraged, they attack each other, their force fields threatening to damage the ship. Lokai breaks away, Bele pursues him, and the two eventually beam down to the planet. The bridge crew remark sadly on their unwillingness to give up their hate.”

Do I need to say more? As many of you know, I occasionally teach an adult Sunday School class and rely heavily on storytelling.  One of my favorites is that of a Native American child asking the Chief about what he was feeling inside himself.  He was perplexed by his emotions.

As the story goes, the Chief tells him there are two arguing wolves inside each of us.  One sees the good in people and life, is loving and caring.  The other hates people and harbors envy and strife.

The child then asks, which one wins the argument?  The Chief says it is the one you feed.

I rest my case.

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