A Ban on Cats is on the Horizon!

No, I am not serious … well … I don’t think I am serious.

But, if you read this article on the relative threat of wind power vs. cats to birds, you could conclude that cats are a real problem to society.  That is if you are a bird lover.

Read what Wind Watch has to say. 

It is far from news that wind power can represent a significant threat to birds.  Even though most do not fly at night, bats do.  And, birds cannot see the blades of modern wind turbines as easily as they saw the older style of windmills.  Today’s wind turbines are over 400 feet long and are traveling through the air at hundreds of miles an hour.

The problem is compounded by the lack of trustworthy data.  Small birds are obliterated when they are struck and larger ones are carried off by vermin shortly after they reach the ground.  But, we do have a pretty good idea how many birds are eaten by household cats.

All this reminds me of the tongue in cheek criticisms of water being dangerous since people who die drink it and extreme amounts of it being swallowed have proven fatal … called drowning.

What a world we now live in!  I remember when DDT was banned because it was proven to be damaging.  Could we see wind power shut down for reasons like this?  What if certain bird or bat species land on the endangered species list as a result of these turbines?  And, are there parallel risks of bird blinding with all the solar panels we are putting up?



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