You can’t fix stupid!

Isn’t that what you are thinking almost all day long these days?  I don’t care who you think first said it, or what the situation was that prompted it.  You just know it is true because you have tried to do exactly that.  You just can’t fix stupid!

I personally like the attribution to Mark Twain because he wrote so many witty things, but upon checking I found that it is more likely attributed to others.  They all have the same idea though.  These same individuals that you know are wrong will defeat you in your perfectly logical, factually accurate reasoning with experience holding onto ludicrous ideas and ideals.  Nope, when it is convenient for stupidity to persist it does around any ideas or practices, it does!

There is not enough time in the day or room online to even begin to comment on all the reasons we are perfectly correct saying this about this or that.  Everywhere you look these days you see persistent stupidity fully inoculated against reason and facts.  To focus on this is to frustrate yourself much like you were trying to turn back the tides at the shore.

So, stop trying to fix stupid!

We were never called to “try to teach people” anything by arguing with them.  It is literally like trying to teach pigs to sing.  They will never learn and they will resent you trying.  That was a phrase I learned from our dear partner who helped us build our business.

Our EXAMPLE is what may in time do the trick.  Be the one that stands out in a sea of stupidity as the beachhead of love, grace, and inclusiveness that draws people to it. If you are onboard with me on this simple idea, just remember that stupid people know if you are thinking they are stupid … for some reason they are sensitive and smart in realizing that.  I think the secret to all this is to forgive them completely for being that way … which really means to forget just how stupid they are.

Perhaps that is because in some small insignificant way we could be stupid as well?   Nah!  Couldn’t be!

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