The Urge to Glurge

It is nice at this late stage in my life to learn new things.  Except that sometimes you learn things that take the joy right out of your life because they point out the incorrect or circumstantial proof of things we hold dear.  After all, we always want the good guy to win over the bad guy.  Or, we like to see meaning in things that otherwise seem hopeless and futile.

I have become suspicious of many stories I read online and then Google the key phrases to see if they have been debunked or simply taken out of context.  You all know about this because you see countless questionable statements online.  We should always take what has been reportedly said by Abraham Lincoln: “Don’t trust everything you see online!”  Honest Abe wouldn’t lie 😊

But checking on recent Facebook post brought a new word into my vocabulary: glurge.  Here is the definition from Snopes:

“What is glurge? Think of it as chicken soup with several cups of sugar mixed in: It’s supposed to be a method of delivering a remedy for what ails you by adding sweetening to make the cure more appealing, but the result is more often a sickly-sweet concoction that induces hyperglycemic fits. In ordinary language, glurge is the sending of inspirational (and supposedly “true”) tales, ones that often conceal much darker meanings than the uplifting moral lessons they purport to offer or undermine their messages by fabricating and distorting historical fact in the guise of offering a “true story.” Many of us, it seems, cannot overcome the urge to glurge.”

I have to say this does ring true.  Be advised, especially in this year of political nonsense to beware of this urge.

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