The Rest of the Story Continued

Ken Futch, Author and Professional Speaker

We Americans have become pretty jaded about accepting what we hear and read.  Most of us know there is more to the story, and even when the story makes us think things are going well, we worry there is more to it.

One of my recent blogs about the opioid epidemic in this country is a good case in point.  I ended my plea with a sarcastic quip about the fact that money tends to perpetuate wrongs if keeping the wrong is in the financial interests of most parties.  We just got more proof of that this week, via LinkedIn of all places:

Read: False Hope from War on Drugs to War on Cancer

The speed of information flow may be increasing, but the willingness to stop and do the right thing when we see something wrong seems to be on the decline.  Yes, we celebrate it when we see it, but more often than not, we seem prone to whitewash issues rather than dig deeper to learn and perhaps make wiser decisions.

The world is a complex place and issues are often much more complex than soundbites.  One of my good friends Ken Futch, author and professional speaker, does an excellent job of putting politically sensitive issues in perspective with his funny story about a politician facing reelection and being forced to answer the question of where he stood on the drinking.




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