The Penalty for Leadership


This will be a short blog, but it will not be sweet.

Our politicians love to create glib legislative objectives: 20% by 2020… almost as if the numbers aligned with some form of cosmic numerology.

Then, they glibly decide base years for their metrics… with absolutely no regard for rewarding those who acted early to do the right thing according to these same metrics.

For example, let’s say the government decides to give people health plan discounts for maintaining their weight. Base year thinking would be to give credit to those who lose compared to a point in time, so someone who weighed 250 pounds and lost 20 pounds might get a credit of x. The person who was at their ideal weight all along and lost nothing would get no credit. The penalty for leadership in action.

So, when companies with vision and leadership do the right things ahead of these superficial decisions, they are not going to get to “take credit” according to these arbitrary and capricious rules created as a part of these political grand plans.

So… why do the right thing when it literally pays to drag your feet and wait to the very last minute so you can the cheaply and easily do what you should have done all along … because there is a penalty for leadership.

Think about it. This is truly sad. When are we going to confront it?

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