The Cajun Navy

Cajun Navy
USA Today Video “Cajun Navy”

The recent flooding in Louisiana has demonstrated the best and the worst in human behavior.  Most of what we have seen is the former, with countless numbers of citizens using their boats to rescue others even while their own homes were under water.

These unauthorized boat-rescue agents have been nicknamed the Cajun Navy.  You would think that would have only been celebrated. But, no, some lawmakers are setting regulations and fees licensing these angels-of-mercy to be able to offer this assistance.

Watch this summary for yourself.

Yes, we can all see the potential for a lawsuit here.  Someone falls out of the boat and drowns.  Someone is robbed or assaulted.  Bad things can always happen.  But, do they really think through how many people would otherwise die due to the fewer rescuers that will be there the next time?

It seems no good deed goes unpunished.

One thought on “The Cajun Navy”

  1. There is no limit to the idiocy of elected lawmakers. Common sense is not common among politicians.

    Guess who is in charge of making laws regulating our power…………

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