Not a drop to drink

This is the second in the blog sequence on water and as I mentioned in the prior blog, Atlanta is on the list of endangered cities.

We do need to be careful where we build and how we use water, but once again the news media fails to truly present the whole story. In the west, there are huge water users that have effectively drained the rivers … because they acquired the rights to this water at no or little cost way back when no one seemed to care or thought about it. Now, this is coming home to roost.  Water is a society’s most disruptive source for life … we can’t go very far or very long without safe drinking water.

Read the full story here.

Notice that it indicated Miami’s problem is in part due to global warming because saltwater is intruding into fresh water aquifers. Well, is it rising sea levels or land subsidence?  Yes, in any event, the saltwater intrusion is a problem, but studying the cause can point to who should change or fix something.

Read this from Research Gate.

So, when you get to the bottom line of this issue, the same abusers whose effluents are the cause of the red tides are associated with the disturbance to the Everglades ecosystem.

And, you get to the same bottom line problem: people who have been doing the wrong things for years and profiting from it are loath to own up … they just point fingers at the others and hope they can get to the back of the line when fixes need to be paid for.

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