Life is Not Fair.

fair_000I am sure you have said it. We all have heard it. Let’s just face it, it is true. I have been told all my life that there are only two types of fair: State Fair and County Fair. Everything else is unfair. This week has been a lesson in fairness to me. Everywhere I turned, I saw things that were just unfair. It was tempting to shrink from doing what I know needs to be done and simply cry foul, but I knew that would only frustrate me further. Plus I also know people who have committed mistakes do not change behaviors when you point them out.

I guess my patience is running thin these days. Patience may be a virtue, but as I get older, I find I simply have less of this vital human dynamic. Scripture admonishes us to be patient and to love one another. I am finding that very hard to do that when others cheat, lie and steal, especially when they get away with all this because they have money and the majority of the others who should object are willing to look past their misdeeds. Yep, it is just like the NFL problem … when the flow of money is high enough, people seem to want to look the other way, even the victims.

Why hasn’t the news media covered the changes in Australia’s carbon policy? You did see that they killed the carbon tax legislation completely. Why won’t more scientists cry foul on climate change? Of course there are some who do. This is probably not going to help their careers much, but I do admire it. With all the hoopla over the global warming protesters this week, I thought this article was very interesting.

Climate Science Is Not Settled, Steven E. Koonin, Wall Street Journal.

Climate change is real enough, but the question that remains is how much you and I can do about it. We have halted the load growth in the US through codes, standards and energy efficient technologies. We have done our part. It is now up to the rest of the world to shoulder their responsibilities as well. Not quite true of course. The rest of the world is jealous and wants us to do more since we have so many good things here and they don’t. They need to get over it and get on with their own responsibilities.

We have so many incentives in place to encourage wind and solar energy right now that need to be re-evaluated in light of the fact that loads are no longer growing. Even the incentives for energy efficiency will need to be rethought. After all, the cost effectiveness tests we use are predicated on avoiding the building of or operation of a power plant. We need to rethink the way we perform energy planning if we are only going to replace old inefficient plants with new, lower carbon footprint plants. Hmmm. These are very different questions. Why is no one asking them but me? Take a wild guess.

And, it is time to take a fresh look at the climate change narrative and stop pointing to things that are not a result of climate change at all.
Here is just one example. We all hear that the water levels in the City of Venice Italy are rising and we are being told that it is due to sea level rise, yet that is not the truth. The City of Venice is sinking and for many reasons … none of which are due to global warming. We visited Venice last June. It is indeed sinking and it is also now more vulnerable to tides than it was when it was originally built … they opened up access to the sea out of fears they wouldn’t be able to escape if attacked … gee … the city was never built high enough to accommodate high tides when it was built. Do you ever hear any of that? Nope, it is all about global warming. We could stop all global warming and even reverse it and the City of Venice would continue to go further under water.

The earth’s crust is moving as you all know. We get continually further away from Africa. Not by much, but it adds up over millions of years. The sea floor moves. Have we been keeping track of that? We visited the area around Naples where the sea level is falling relative to the land because the land in that area is being pushed up by geological forces. I think you get my point.

Why have the arguments raised by been ignored? Money! Big money … the people who raise animals for human consumption want this to go away. Follow the money and you will see just how unfair life is these days to you and me.

But, we can’t let that stop us from being true to ourselves. So, keep up the good fight. Dream the impossible dream. Go where few have dared to go before. As Winston Churchill commanded us: “Never, never, never give up!”

Thanks … I needed that.

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