Insist that you buy and EV … and then ban use of it?

That makes no sense of course … that is unless you live in Sweden. You really would have a tough time making things like this up. Read the article in Institute for Energy Research. 

This relates to a story in Fox News:

“Switzerland could ban electric vehicles from being used non-essentially this winter as government officials begin to brace for an energy crisis during the winter months, according to reports. The Telegraph reported on Saturday that Swiss officials have drafted emergency proposals that restrict power usage if things get bad this winter.

For example, shops may need to reduce their hours, streaming services may need to be limited and buildings may only be heated to 20 degrees Celsius, or 68 degrees Fahrenheit.  Other bans, according to the Telegraph, may include concerts, theater performances and sporting events, all to prevent a blackout.

The reason Switzerland is preparing for possible blackouts is that the country relies on imported energy during the summer months. While more than half, or 60 percent of the country’s energy comes from hydro powered means, but in the winter months productions slows and the country relies on imports.”

Where do I begin?  Have politicians lost their minds?  Don’t they remember the recent mask and distancing confusion that destroyed consumer confidence in their leaders?

Any media strategist will tell you that once you lose consumer trust it is almost impossible to rebuild it.  If EVs are an imperative … and things like banning Internal Combustion Engines (ICEs) is law as it is becoming in some States, you would think you would find a way to give consumers who obey that law some level of preference in the supply portfolio rather than punish them for obeying rules.  Yes, it is important to keep the electricity flowing, but wouldn’t it be much more consistent to offer credits or payment to EV owners to charge at convenient times?

But, no … and the list of other inconveniences include:

  • Under crisis measures, hot water may be disabled in public bathrooms and the use of electric leaf blowers barred.
  • If the most extreme shortages hit, sports matches, concerts and theatre performances would be canceled, and all leisure businesses forced to close.
  • These measures are being made necessary by decades of actions in Europe against the use of fossil fuels in favor of renewable energy, mostly intermittent wind and solar power, ostensibly in pursuit of meeting climate commitments.

Apparently, I am going too fast …

One thought on “Insist that you buy and EV … and then ban use of it?”

  1. California is banning ICE cars and Newsom is already pleading with EV owners to stop charging in periods of shortages. I would say there’s no way Americans would put up with this, but then, two years to slow the spread.

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