Global Stilling and Hail

The climate scientists are all predicting that wind strength is going to diminish.  This means that the wind farms will produce less and less power … and of course all of this while the needs for electricity will continue to increase.  See for yourself: We’re in the middle of a wind drought – and a ‘global stilling’ is coming (

As if that wasn’t enough, take a look at the catastrophic results of hail hitting solar panels:  U.S. insurers are expected to pay out more than $300 million in claims due to wind and hailstorms in Texas this year, according to GCube. In 2019, more than 400,000 out of 685,000 solar modules were damaged or destroyed at a single West Texas solar farm due to a massive hailstorm, resulting in $70 million of insured losses.

Where is the critical thinking of a resilient and reliable portfolio of energy supply.  Are we going to find these solar panels sitting in a local warehouse somewhere?  Do we really believe we can get new ones quickly?  How on earth are we going to keep the lights on and keep homes heated during the coldest days of the winter when that is precisely when the wind dies off?  Oh, are you going to run solar panels at night to make up the difference?  And, to make matters worse, you do remember that batteries perform the worst during cold weather don’t you?

It amazes me that I am the only one writing about this insanity?  I can only explain the silence by assuming the others who know what is happening are simply complicit.

Sad … very sad … and very irresponsible.


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