Echo Look?

I guess the male perspective doesn’t apply here.  Most of us men have two or three pairs of shoes we wear and repair until they fall apart, possibly keeping them past that point.  We have a few go-to pairs of pants and then possibly a dozen shirts or so we wear all the time depending upon the season and the daily plans.

So, the idea of a digital assistant to capture, compare and criticize our wardrobe and how it looks on us is just not important.  This male perspective, of course, explains my surprise that the latest manifestation of the Amazon Echo product portfolio (call the “Look”) that seems odd to me at least.

Of course, I am sure Amazon didn’t do this without some careful market research.  And, given today’s obsession with the online social media and online pictures, I guess I see the evolution will now be that individuals will focus on showing all the outfits they own and of course being marketed to for those deemed perfect to improve their looks.

Not that you needed another warning about this, but there are no privacy concerns here either, are there?  Seems like nefarious individuals would just love to hack into this device as voyeurs.  Who am I to raise this as a fear?  I have several Amazon Echo devices listening in already in my home and office locations.

I guess it was only logical to expand the point of view for those who seem to document everything they eat online.  I am actually thankful that they do so often when I want to check out a new restaurant.  But, I do think some have gone a bit too far.  That is why this picture kind of says it all.

I can’t wait to see what Amazon comes up with next … can you?

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