The End is Near!

I lived in New York City and would see a guy holding a sign saying that most every day.  Of course, you know what the sign holder was implying:  Get right with God or you are going to hell.  Well, I guess I dismissed this well-intended message and just walked on.

However, if my cell phone went off with that kind of message along with indication it was from our government and it was not a drill … now that is quite a different matter.

You all must know I am referring to the false alarm in Hawaii as covered in this USA Today article.

As you read it, please note the real mistake wasn’t the release of the message as much as the inability to revise it and cancel the warning.  We engineers live to prevent these scenarios and get criticized for our focus on things that can go wrong.

This is not negativity … it is conservatism … it is risk avoidance … it is the wiser way to live and be sure you can survive catastrophe.

Asking the question: “What if … and what would we do about that?” is the key here.  It is not hard to design in checks, balances, protocols, etc. when you ask the right question.  It takes discipline to write out all the possibilities, as remote as they may seem to be and then communicate the procedures to the right people.

I began my career working with the nuclear Navy under Admiral Rickover’s leadership with the assignment of preventing another “Thresher incident” … the tragic loss in April 1963 of an entire nuclear submarine and its 129-person crew.  I spent the next six years of my professional career doing analysis, critical thinking, and getting procedures approved through the nuclear navy leadership.  They felt so strongly about that resulting work that it was printed on a placard and displayed in the control room of every nuclear sub from that point on so that no one would have to go looking for it in some manual … remember, we didn’t have Google back then …


Just when you thought things couldn’t get any stranger…

NASA has decided they need a Planetary Protection Officer.  Yep, we are truly seeing Men in Black recruiting here.  Maybe things out of hand in Area 51?  No, I am not making this up. Read this from USA Today.

I have long wondered how some cultures on earth developed so quickly compared to others.  When we visited Italy a few years ago, we heard about the unclear pasts of the people of Tuscany and how amazing their technology was for its day. As many of you know, there are all kinds of strange things in our past that fuel this line of thought.

But, it struck me as odd, with today’s emphasis on cost containment, that NASA would announce they are hiring a person with these credentials to do something rather nebulous at this time.

I can only imagine the kinds of people who are going to show up for this interview!


A diet we can all agree to!

Courtesy: USA Today

How can you argue with a diet that includes bacon and chocolate?  A village in Italy apparently provides proof that these ingredients, when included in a diet high in other beneficial fats like olive oil can add 10 years to your life.

Learn more about the diet here.

I knew chocolate was good for your mood, and bacon simply makes most people happy.  So, this seems like an especially good time to change, don’t you think?



EVs and DR

Image: Nissan

We have finally seen evidence that some are going to take the obvious next step with electric vehicles (EVs) and use them for automated demand response (ADR).

This is certain to make many in California deliriously happy given the high penetration of EVs there and the shifting needs for DR now that solar panels are making the late afternoon peak a thing of the past.  Evidently, the reality of this is now clear in England: Read this from Fast Company. 

Offering customers free charging may work there since gasoline is so expensive.  Here, I suspect our regulatory process will try to offer customers cash for this behavior.  But, as with almost all points in DR, the value of the benefit and the true costs and are sometimes hard to know.

For example, in my case, I can now charge my Tesla at work for free.  Or, if the utility drained my car overnight, I can simply stop for lunch at the supercharging station and “fill ‘er up!”  So, am I entitled to the same benefits as someone with Leaf who stays plugged into the house?

This is going to be fun to watch!