The Right Thing to Do

"It was the right thing to do."
“It was the right thing to do.”

How many times do we stand by, watching what is going on, saying to ourselves: “I am not going to get involved; let nature run its course.”  Several of my friends have gotten in trouble trying to help people in distress or experienced “collateral damage” or even death trying to help someone.

Watch the video that aired recently, it is encouraging. 

Sure, it’s a story about a real cowboy detaining a would be thief.  The story ends well.  But, what if he had broken the thief’s leg in the process?  What if the thief sued him for some God-forsaken reason?

The story is a good reminder of the gentle kindness of so many, and the special gift that just happened to find a just cause for use in this woman’s hour of need.

I personally appreciate his answer to why he did it: “It was just the right thing to do.”



Boxers vs Briefs

Click Here to Learn More About Spartan UnderwearAnyone who has been concerned about male fertility has heard the advice about this.  It has become so important to the issue and widespread as a concern that it can even enter conversations that have virtually nothing to do with fertility.

Well, who knew there was even more to the story?  Evidently there is … or at least the Spartan brand of high tech underwear wants you to believe it and be afraid about not only infertility but cancer and even Alzheimer’s disease.

Watch the USA Today video here.

We Americans love to be frightened.  You already knew about cellular radiation and must remember all the fears about brain cancers.  Now many stick a blue tooth device in their ear so they can talk …

I don’t have to tell you how many times I thought the person was talking to me but were talking to someone on the phone I could not see.

But, notice the fear about Wi-Fi radiation as well.  Let’s see if they can tie that to cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.   I can certainly imagine that the news media will pick this up and advertise the evening news with the question … Does Wi-Fi cause cancer?  News at 7!

Who knew?  Oh, and please do check out their tag line buried in their web page just under the fold: Visit the Spartan website.

Maybe it is Time to Change the Recipe

chefSusan and I recently had dinner with two professional chefs who have literally toured the world cooking for the rich and famous.  What made it special was they cooked for their wealthy employers’ families as well as their special guests, so the range of food styles and subtleties were enormous. And the stories they tell are fascinating.

Perhaps it was silly of me to offer to prepare dinner for them, but I did.  It was a simple meal.  Some cheese and crackers and then some grilled sea bass prepared over conversation as we got to know them.  They were both gracious as we ate … not sneering at my simple approach.

We listened intently to their stories.  They had been everywhere and cooked just about everything.  One was trained in France so I asked if they had seen the movie, The 100 Foot Journey.  They had not, but they remembered seeing the trailer.

That movie is the motivation for this blog.  In it, Hellen Mirren (the French restaurant owner with huge renown) proclaims to her student from India that he shouldn’t change a recipe that is 200 years old.  He quips:  “Well, maybe 200 years is long enough!”  He added some spices from a foreign culture.

Maybe it is time we all listen to that advice in our approach to regulation, politics, and so many other aspects of our lives.  Something to reflect on.



Trashy Meals

 Michelle Rial / BuzzFeed News

One of our friends recommended that we try Blue Apron’s “DIY” home prep meals. The idea of enjoying a few minutes preparing dinner together seemed almost romantic, and the fact that you didn’t need to go find this or that was especially appealing, so we tried it.

The meals were great, and we learned how to prepare dishes that otherwise might be intimidating or tedious given how unusual some of the ingredients are and hard to find in your local grocery.  But, I was appalled by the amount of trash these meals produced, especially the enormous cooled and insulated box they come in.  I just hauled the huge assembly to the curb and hope it will be hauled off.

I believe this is going to come back to haunt this industry … and probably pretty quickly.  Yes, it is good that we don’t throw away as much food in the preparation steps because there is only the amount of each ingredient we need to prepare the meal … so food is less likely to rot in the fridge.  But, the amount of plastic, paper, and who knows what is in those giant gel ice bags …

So, I went online to see if I am the only one thinking this way, and of course, I am not.  Here is just one rather well written article on the subject: BuzzFeed Article

I wonder whether the rest of the world has it right.  We just need to slow down…stop at the local butcher, baker, and candlestick-maker and just get what you need for that day’s meals.  After all, your fridge will simply not hold much.

P.S. Some of you who know will also spot the trick here.  By recommending friends to Blue Apron, you get more free food.  My mind quickly went to the potential Ponzi scheme available here.  Join all the food delivery clubs get your reduced cost trials and then free food by recommending your friends.


Cool Your Jets


I don’t know about you, but I am weary of the bickering we see daily.  Seldom does anyone take a deep breath and think critically about issues anymore. The Presidential and Vice Presidential debates set a new low water mark in my mind, but I am getting tired of almost all of the news broadcasts …

That is why the phrase “Cool Your Jets” came into my mind.  I remember hearing it many times over my life … not so sure where it started.  Maybe it was just a natural evolution of language. Most everyone knows it means you should calm down and become less agitated.  That seems so wise.

According to the Internet, which of course can be fully trusted, the phrase originated with a quote in the January 1st (1973) edition of the Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune:  “If you want to cool your jets, just step outside, where it will be about 10 degrees under cloudy skies.”

Maybe so.  I just remember that Abraham Lincoln said you should not trust everything you read on the Internet.  As for me and my house, I will go back to some old wisdom from the Old Testament book of Micah that seems to fit the current situation perfectly.

Micah 6:8 New King James Version (NKJV):  He has shown you, O man, what is good; And what does the Lord require of you but to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God?

Justice, mercy, and humility … an Old Testament form of the phrase “Cool Your Jets” with some real meat.